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Awaken Evansville is a city-wide movement of prayer and fasting unifying hundreds of churches and tens of thousands of people to strategically pray for every person by name in the greater Evansville area.
February 1, 2020
March 1, 2020
This month-long journey of prayer and fasting will take place wherever you are located day in and day out.
In other words, this is not about a big event. Rather, this is about the church being mobilized to pray in unity no matter where we are scattered each day as individuals. In addition to your personal prayer times, be on the lookout for special prayer gatherings organized by your local church throughout the fast.
Download these resources to get started.
Sign Up
Awaken Evansville will use an online platform called Bless Every Home to gather and distribute the names of Evansville area residents to be prayed for. Click the unique link below to sign up through Bless Every Home and be added to Awaken Evansville's profile.
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