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Discovery Report

Ross Chapman summarizes what he learned after a year of listening to Evansville leaders.

Book Summary

The time is now for churches to work together for the good of Evansville by answering the question, “How can the whole Church bring the whole Gospel to the whole person and the whole city?”  Rather than starting with what churches believe the city needs, this report seeks to identify the real and perceived needs of the city by listening to the city.  The report provides the perspective gained by listening to leaders, participating in organizations, reading city plans, and observing developments over a nine-month period.  

Nehemiah asked for a report about the state of his people in exile and about the state of their city.  When he heard the report, he sat down and wept.  With a plan in mind, he then prayed for God’s favor to act.  This is a report about the state of Evansville and her residents, and the intended purpose is to inform and move to action the Church of Evansville for greater impact for the good of Evansville, which includes pursuing the common good of the city and communicating the exceptional good news of the Jesus Christ and His Kingdom.   
Observations were made by Ross Chapman, who is privately funded to work toward local church collaboration for the good of Evansville that leads to city transformation.  Inside the report are demographic data, summaries of meetings with over 169 leaders and influencers in every channel of culture, a description of the Church of Evansville, an explanation of city transformation, and a proposal of five areas of focus to move toward city transformation.  The rest of the Executive Summary (p. 2-8) is an overview of the whole report.

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