How a Limited View of Poverty, Social Justice, & the Gospel is Keeping Our Community From Thriving...and How We Can Change.

Book Summary

83% of Evansville identifies as Christian. Yet...addiction, abuse, housing, & poverty are major issues in our community. Is something in our faith disconnected?


Like looking at life through a broken pair of glasses, a limited view of the gospel hurts our community, our churches, and our own lives. What if Jesus' way of life is design to affect every area of our lives, our churches, and our community?


Community One and the Evansville Christian Life Center created this book to start a conversation about how a full understanding of the gospel can transform our community.

Working in christ
A Biblical theology of work rooted in union with christ
Discovery Report
Ross Chapman summarizes what he learned after a year of listening to Evansville leaders.
The Art of Neighboring
Drawing on the success of their own church campaign, two pastors wrote this practical book to help readers learn to value, respect, and care for the people who live in their neighborhoods.
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