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Surprised by Hope

N.T. Wright seeks to dispel the common belief that heaven is a Christian’s final destination after death. Wright affirms that Christians will have resurrected bodies and that heaven will one day come to earth—providing a future hope he believes should serve as a crucial foundation to Christian views on social action, evangelism, and spirituality.

Book Summary

In an effort to correct an eschatological view often confused in the church, N.T. Wright asserts that heaven is not our final resting place after death. According to scripture, he depicts a future of believers with resurrected bodies in a heaven come to earth.


Wright believes this view should drive Christians’ views on social action, evangelism, and spirituality while we wait for Christ to return and unite the earth with heaven.

Wright’s message is threefold. First, he seeks to expose Christianity’s muddled view of the afterlife using historical evidence and examining Jesus’ resurrection. Second, he addresses eschatological questions that arise naturally from his Resurrection theology. Finally, he seeks to show how the Christian hope of resurrection should undergird our involvement with the world.

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