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To Transform a City

Eric Swanson and Sam Williams examine the foundations, history, theology, and practical methods of city transformation. This book serves as a valuable blueprint for dreamers who want to see spiritual and social changes in their cities.

Book Summary

Since 2007, the number of people living in cities has irreversibly exceeded the number of people living in rural areas. Now that we are more urban than rural, what does that mean for the church?


Tactics previously used in rural areas have not succeeded in urban areas as ministering in diverse cities bring a unique set of challenges, promises, and potential. However, Swanson and Williams believe spiritual and social change are possible on a large scale if leaders leverage their influence to solve problems the entire city cares about.


To Transform a City serves as a call to action for church leaders to join them. The two first cast their vision for God’s work in cities with a discussion on the importance of cities and what God intends them to look like. They then address the process of city transformation, providing examples of where and how cities have been changed throughout history.


Swanson and Williams ask readers to take up a “Kingdom mindset” wherein the whole church brings the whole gospel to the whole city. This holistic city transformation strategy calls Christians to steward their gifts, time, and talents, to address a much larger picture than the church currently paints.


Overall, Swanson and Williams balance theological foundations with practical steps to piece together a vision for transformed cities as God desires.

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