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Beyond Relational Barriers

After living abroad for two years, Dan Sullivan intentionally chose to move into a diverse neighborhood. He addresses loving neighbors of all backgrounds in his Q Commons Evansville 2017 talk.

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Dan Sullivan believes we learn and choose what we divide over. He tells the story of his grandparents, who stood up for African Americans in the 1950s—even though they weren’t committed activists. He also shares how his grandparents didn’t allow their daughters to attend a school dance because there would be non-Catholics there.


He states that we can either hold on to what we were taught, or let it go. While overseas, Dan says he and his family were surrounded by people from all continents across the world. His children didn’t learn a language of black and white, but rather described their friends by their sports ability or hair color.  


Dan points to Romans 10 as he says Christians are all one tribe. He calls believers to “stretch their tents” and not to hold back when it comes to loving others. Dan calls believers to be servants in their relationships, fulfilling the mandate from God that they extend gratitude to all.

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