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Heaven & Earth

In this short film, The Bible Project dives into what scripture says about Heaven and Earth.

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The union of Heaven and Earth is a crucial theme woven throughout the entire Bible. At the beginning of time, God’s realm (Heaven) and the human realm (Earth) were united. We catch a glimpse of this union in descriptions of the Garden of Eden, but it didn’t last that way forever.


After man’s first sin, Heaven and Earth were wrenched apart into a state of disunion. However, God’s desire for his people was not disunion, so he gave them a way to reunite with Heaven—the temple and animal sacrifice.


When Jesus Christ came, taught, died for our sins, and rose again, the cross became the new reuniting space for Heaven and Earth. But this isn’t the end of the story. The book of Revelation tells of a new Heaven and Earth in the form of a city, where God’s realm and our realm will be joined in perfect union once and for all. 

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