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Mayor Winnecke Luncheon | July 2017

Mayor Winnecke Luncheon | July 2017

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Mayor Winnecke on Evansville

Evansville Mayor Lloyd Winnecke talks with local pastors about the city and answers questions. 

Mayor Lloyd Winnecke begins his presentation by highlighting exciting developments within Evansville. Among these he includes the “E is for Everyone” campaign, the construction of the Ford Center, and the Doubletree hotel. Mayor Winnecke also mentions the highly-anticipated new medical school in downtown Evansville.


He states that like many cities, Evansville is experiencing a growing shortage of healthcare professionals. Because seven in ten doctors stay in the communities where they do their residencies, Mayor Winnecke hopes this new development will help supplement the area with valuable healthcare professionals. He also mentions encouraging business developments, including the new Tropicana casino—which has made a $50 million investment in the area—and a city/neighborhood partnership with Jacobsville.


Mayor Winnecke concludes that much of city’s time is spent mediating disputes between neighbors. He suggests one of the biggest ways the faith community can partner with the city government is by training and discipling good neighbors. 

Following his presentation, Mayor Winnecke answers questions from pastors. He discloses two things that keep him up at night are the water and sewer project that will cost the city $729 million over the next twenty-four years, as well as what the city can do to help the most vulnerable population.  


When asked how he combats negativity, Mayor Winnecke says he approaches it with honesty, sincerity, and optimism—choosing to talk positively about the city when it can be easier to complain. He shares that his dreams for the city include covering practical needs that are often pushed back over bigger projects, as well as creating a place where individuals can work out their disputes through conversation instead of bringing it to the city.


At the end of the session, Mayor Winnecke shares that the best way the church of Evansville can uplift him in prayer are in the areas of discernment, patience, and energy.

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