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Theology as Big as the City

Ray Bakke addresses pressing questions such as “How does God see the city” and “What does Scripture have to say about urban ministry,” in his work Theology as Big as the City. As he works his way from Genesis to Revelation, readers will be surprised and challenged as they catch a vision for God’s view of the city.

Written by Ray Bakke

Ray Bakke affirms the rapid, large-scale urbanization of the world calls for a theology just as big. Sharing his experience as a small-town native moving into inner-city Chicago, Bakke chronicles his journey to viewing the Bible through an urban lens.


Bakke examines stories of biblical cities such as Sodom, Nineveh, and Jerusalem and the urban prophets God sent to proclaim his Kingdom to them. Through this, Bakke identifies Scripture that points to mandates for social change, cultural inclusivity, a holistic approach to urban ministry, and more.

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