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Building a Community that is for Everyone

Brandon Scott shares the goals and hard work that follows the “E is for Everyone” brand campaign at Q Commons Evansville 2017.

According to Brandon Scott, the best brands are built from the inside out. Though involved with the planning behind the “E is for Everyone” campaign, Brandon recognizes that it is not a solution—rather, a movement toward a goal to change the perception and reputation of Evansville.


He identifies four tensions that stand in the way of the “everyone” mentality: guilt, anger, greed, and jealousy. The first step to building communities, he says, is building relationships, and this can only be done when we address relational tensions. Once we engage tensions, we can connect, contribute, and celebrate within the community.


According to Brandon, healing a divided nature takes laughter, and laughter takes compassion and commonality. Leaning into these conversations and characteristics is a crucial step on a path that leads toward an inclusive community.

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