Flourishing Together Despite Differences

Mary Allen and Kana Brown share their experience navigating the messy road to friendship enriched by diversity at Q Commons Evansville 2017.

Kana Brown and Mary Allen began as business partners, but time and intentionality have transformed them into good friends. By agreeing to have difficult conversations, Mary and Kana have discovered the deep value in being able to share life, laugh, and learn together. Because it’s easy to misunderstand what we keep at an arm’s distance, Mary says a key to relational growth is the willingness to be challenged.


Both Mary and Kana testify that relationships with people different than ourselves allow opportunities for growth and prospering together—in ways that would be impossible as an individual. Their friendship is simply one glimpse of the wealth of cultural awareness, sensitivity, and understanding that awaits when we decide to set differences aside and pursue friendship. 

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