Isolation's Detrimental Effects

Mark Stenstrom talks about the detrimental effects of isolation on individuals and on a community at Q Commons 2019.

Mark Stenstrom earned his Doctorate in Clinical Psychology from Rosemead School of Psychology and has a private practice in Newburgh, IN. After 30 years of working with individuals and conducting relationship and family therapy, he's gained an understanding of the harmful effects of isolation and offers insights on how to better connect with others.

The Good Fruit of Hospitality
Two unlikely friends tell the story of how their relationship began and how it ended up impacting the community.
What Hospitality Changes
Luzada Hayes talks about the potential community-wide impact of impartial hospitality.
More Than Generous
While it is a valuable attribute, generosity alone does not create a community where everyone can flourish. Ross Chapman and Jonathan Boettcher unpack two virtues additional virtues.
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