Racial Justice & Racial Reconciliation

Ubi Ntewo Explores the Important Distinction

As the founding president of Learners of Christ the King United, Ubi has had a lot of experience facilitating difficult conversations among Christians in pursuit of unity. In this presentation, he speaks to local Church leaders about equipping their congregations for racial reconciliation.

Working in christ
A Biblical theology of work rooted in union with christ
Evansville's History of Racial Injustice
A Brief Overview by Kelley Coures
Theology As Big As a City
Ray Bakke addresses pressing questions such as “How does God see the city” and “What does Scripture have to say about urban ministry,” in his work Theology as Big as the City. As he works his way from Genesis to Revelation, readers will be surprised and challenged as they catch a vision for God’s view of the city.
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